In November 2016 danish Rock icon Peter Belli released his last album ever. The album was a somewhat acoustic/minimalistic album with covers from other artists as the likes of Marie Key, Tim Christensen and Magtens Korridorer interpreted by Peter. I had the pleasure to do artwork for Cd & Vinyl


I have always thought it was a great experience to look at photos from recording sessions when i listen to albums. Especially of albums from the 60s and 70s – Bob Dylan, The Band, The Kinks etc. It somehow substantiates the music. On this note I chose to take a lot of photos from the sessions in the Medley Studios and let these photos be the cornerstone of the artwork. Old school albums was an inspiration to keep the colors in black & White with only some splashes of blue as a reference to the album title; Som Boblerne I Bækken.


Universal Records
REO Records


Photos & Artwork